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Students often have difficulty understanding theme and mood in literature.  I've created these two products to help!  Each activity starts with an exploration of popular theme songs, either from T.V. shows or movies.  Kids often learn better through music, so these activities spark interest and dendrites :)


I've already admitted my book addiction!  Since my primary goal as a teacher is to get kids to LOVE reading, I've created some novel study guides that offer more than just your basic comprehension questions.

When I first moved up to middle school, I had to remember a lot of grammar rules, terms, and tricks that I had stored in the far reaches of my memory bank!  Since I realize teachers get bumped from grade to grade, I decided to make some products that would make teaching grammar skills easy for veteran teachers and new teachers alike! The students will like these activities, too, because they aren't boring fill-in-the-blank worksheets or diagramming sentences!

Something else I would have loved to have as a new-to-grade teacher is pre-made, ready to go lesson presentations!  

I'm a BIG FAN of Interactive Student Notebooks, too!  I like to think that after my students leave my class and head to high school, they will have an "ELA Reference Bible" to take along with them!  Here are a few of my favorite ISN templates and activities.

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